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My Valentine's Day Movie Marathon

Hey there, fellow romantics, skeptics, and those who just can’t resist a good rom-com! As Valentine’s Day approaches, I find myself indulging in my favorite tradition: a movie marathon of love and laughter. So grab your popcorn and cozy up. Here are my top favorite Valentine’s Day flicks!
The Notebook: Ah, the quintessential tear-jerker. Every time I watch Noah and Allie’s love story unfold, I can’t help but wonder if Ryan Gosling’s smoldering gaze is the secret to everlasting romance. Plus, who doesn’t love a good rain-soaked kiss?
Pride and Prejudice (2005): Mr. Darcy, oh Mr. Darcy. This adaptation of Jane Austen’s classic novel never fails to make me swoon. The witty banter, the longing glances, and of course, that iconic hand flex. It’s like a Jane Austen fever dream, and I’m totally here for it.
Crazy, Stupid, Love: Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, and Steve Carell walk into a bar… Need I say more? This movie is equal parts hilarious and heartwarming, with enough plot twists to make even Cupid’s head spin. Plus, it’s got that iconic “Dirty Dancing” lift scene that never fails to make me giggle.
10 Things I Hate About You: Shakespeare meets high school drama meets Heath Ledger serenading Julia Stiles with “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You.” Need I say more? This movie is a timeless classic that always leaves me quoting Kat’s iconic poem in my sleep.
The Proposal: Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds pretending to be engaged in a charming Alaskan setting? Sign me up! This movie is like a warm hug on a cold winter’s night, complete with hilarious antics and unexpected romance.
Dirty Dancing: Nobody puts Baby in a corner, and nobody puts this movie on the back burner. From the sizzling dance scenes to the unforgettable soundtrack, Dirty Dancing is a Valentine’s Day staple that never fails to lift my spirits (and make me attempt the lift in my living room).
When Harry Met Sally: Ah, the age-old question: can men and women really be friends? Harry and Sally explore this dilemma with wit, charm, and plenty of New York City scenery. Plus, who could forget THAT diner scene?
Ghost: This movie combines romance, suspense, and a touch of the supernatural in a way that only the ’90s could pull off. Plus, it gave us that iconic scene with Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore getting handsy with some clay. Ghost is a timeless romance that always leaves me reaching for the tissues and questioning the afterlife.
Bridget Jones’s Diary: Ah, Bridget Jones – the ultimate embodiment of relatable chaos. From her disastrous love life to her endless quest for self-improvement, Bridget’s journey never fails to make me laugh, cry, and crave blue soup.
He’s Just Not That Into You: We’ve all been there – navigating the murky waters of modern dating and trying to decipher mixed signals like we’re solving a Rubik’s Cube. This movie is like a crash course in romantic misadventures, with a star-studded cast to boot.
Sleepless in Seattle: Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan in a classic tale of serendipitous love? Count me in! This movie is like a warm cup of cocoa for the soul, with enough charm and nostalgia to make even the most cynical heart skip a beat. And that ending atop the Empire State Building gets me every time.
So there you have it, folks – my hilariously cliché Valentine’s Day movie marathon lineup. I am sure that I missed some classic ones. Comment below what your favorite V-day movie its. Whether you’re a hopeless romantic, a reluctant cynic, or somewhere in between, there’s something for everyone in this eclectic mix of love stories. So grab your favorite snacks, snuggle up with your significant other (or your pet, no judgment), and prepare to laugh, cry, and maybe even believe in love again – at least until the credits roll.
Happy Valentine’s Day, movie lovers! Let the marathon begin! 🎥❤️
Heidi Allen
Heidi Allen

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