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Heidi Unleashed

A Basic (But Fabulous) Mom's Journey through Creativity, Chaos, and Coffee.

Hey There, fabulous readers!

I’m Heidi – a quirky, coffee-loving, and creative-embracing mom of two, plus two more in college (yep, we have a His, Mine, and Ours kind of situation going on). I’ve officially hit the fabulous age of 38, living the dream in the beautiful potato state that is Idaho!

I’m your typical mom who loves her shopping, sales, coffee (because let’s be real, it’s the elixir of life), and, of course, my incredible kids. But guess what? Life doesn’t stop when your kids hit middle school, high school, and college – it just gets a little more, shall we say, creatively challenging!

As my little one’s venture into the exciting realm of adolescence, I’ve realized that it’s high time the world gets a peek into the unique, funny, and downright quirky life of Heidi. I mean, who said you can’t be a full-time working mom and still raise amazing kids? Not me! It’s like juggling flaming torches while riding a unicycle – a tad bit crazy, but incredibly exhilarating.

Now, you might be thinking, “Heidi, what makes you different from any other mom out there?” Well, buckle up, my friends because this journey isn’t for the faint of heart. I’ve decided to unleash my creativity, my humor, and my unapologetically unique taste onto the world, and I’m inviting you along for the wild ride! Whether it’s experimenting with new recipes, trying new products, diving into photography, or attempting DIY projects, I’m ready to showcase them all and spill my beans in the process.

So, why start a blog, you ask? Because I’m Heidi, and I’m not here to blend in. I’m here to share my adventures, mishaps, and triumphs with you. I want to connect with like-minded souls, fellow moms, creatives, and anyone who’s up for a good laugh or a virtual high-five.

Whether you’re looking for parenting hacks, a good chuckle, or simply a community where you can embrace your unique self, you’ve found your spot. Stick around for a dose of Heidi’s world – where humor meets creativity, and the coffee is always brewing. 

Welcome to my basic (but fabulous) journey.